Dang. Writing a logline is so hard. It's hard for me to summarize my DAY in one sentence, let alone an entire STORY!

SO here it is, my working title and logline. Keep in mind it might change.

MR PERFECT: A lonely romance writer thinks she's losing her mind when her imaginary leading men come to life and turn the town upside down.

So. There it is. I hope it gets your attention.

I have my logline, or at least the start of one. Today I'm deciding on the name of my protagonist. This character lives in a Shakespeare theater town, much like Ashland. She was raised by her grandfather, and her mother died when she was young. Her mother was a Shakespeare fanatic, so she named her after a character in one of Shakespeare's plays.

Here's where you come in! Give me some name ideas.
There could be meaning behind it,
but there doesn't have to be.
Be creative! Anything goes!


  1. Jenna, here's a website with all femaile Shakespear character names in it.
    Juliet might be too obvious, but I kinda like Bianca.

  2. OK, I typed too fast -- I mean female Shakespeare. :-)

  3. Charmian-there could be some reference to not only the Shakespeare character, but modern advertising, like a take on "Please don't squeeze the..." even tho the spelling's different.

  4. I really like Emilia,( or Amelia)- Emilia was in one of my favorites...Othello.

    I also like Audrey... Just because:)

    I also like Krystle's idea name, Reagan.

  5. Dang. I forgot to change my username. The above comment is me:)

  6. I'm reading Julius Ceasar with Caleb and the wife of Ceasar is Calpurnia and the wife of Brutus, his adversary, is Portia. Only input I can give you about Shakespeare :)

  7. Oh and the only thing I know so far about Calpurnia, since I am only in act 1 scene 2, is that she is barren but has been a bystander in a ritual in which 2 men race around a track with these leather straps in hand. It was believed if the barren woman is touched by these straps she will have a child within a year. Don't know if that helps at all just find its interesting that you are asking about a Shakespear character at the same time I start reading one of his plays....funny huh?

  8. Does it have to be shakespearian? If she is lonely, is she shy and 'mousy'? If she had a more common name like Lisa or Karen--no glitz or glamour--and her last name had some Shakespear in it--like Charmian or Reagan..

    Lisa Reagan
    Lisa Charmian
    Karen Reagan (I like this!)
    Karen Charmian

    Then, going with the "please don't squeeze the ..." idea, that might be a place to give some background on her childhood--who started saying that about her and what did it make her feel like? Is she chunky to boot and that just made the comment hurt all that more?

  9. Here are my thoughts: Calpurnia (Callie), Lavinia (Livvie), Luciana (Luci), Phrynia, Bianca. Not sure what the last 2 "normal" names could be, but it's a start. We could always go with the classic "Hypolita." I can't wait to see how this goes!!! Vuvs!


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