I have a love/hate relationship with my snooze button. You know the drill. You set your alarm clock a little early, knowing you will be able hit snooze and, for eight blissful minutes, sink back into the best sleep you've seemed to have had all night. The blanket seems softer, the pillow cradles your head perfectly, coziness envelopes. And then.... aaaar aaaar aaar aaaaar aaaaaaaaaar!!!! There it goes. Reminding you for the third time that you need to roll your bootie out of bed, and now you're running late. Probably my least favorite time all day.
For a while I tried to use my cell phone as my alarm. It has a handy little snooze feature, but instead of that annoying buzz, I can wake up to any tune I want. I picked this 007-James Bondish sounding one. It was supposed to energize me. Yeah right. The next week I tried one that made me think of the time my kids had this little toy piano....bad idea. Next was one called "Sunshine", then "Free", then "Cosmic". Nope.
I began to realize that it didn't matter what I picked to wake me up 5 times every morning. The fact still remained that I wasn't getting up on time and I was paying for it as I sped off to work stressing about that slow truck in front of me.
Allow me to get all philosophical on you for a moment. I think life is sometimes like that. There are certain things that God calls me to do. Right now. No excuses. And what do I do in response? I reach over and hit the snooze button. I wonder how many things I've missed out on in life because I thought I needed 'just 8 more minutes', so to speak.
A bit confused? Let me give you an example. Years ago I felt God telling me to take better care of myself. Be healthy, eat right, exercise, all that stuff. I wanted to do those things, but I guess I wanted what I wanted more, because I hit the snooze button. Several times. And now I'm 38 and I don't even recognize the person in the mirror.
I could point to so many things in life that can be like this: Money, forgiveness, writing, serving, friendships, parenting, marriage. Even blogging. The list goes on.
And in reality, when God tells us to do something, he does it when it works with HIS timing. Not ours. Why don't we trust that? I mean, God OWNS time, right? And he sees the big pic. So time is not the main issue with him. It's something else. But what?
It's our hearts.
Listen carefully now.
God wants our hearts.
Completely, without reservation. Put simply, he wants my obedience. The first time.
I like this quote from Keith Green: "God looks for people to whom He can reveal the desires of His heart. People who will do His will joyfully. God hears and answers the prayers of these people, and He takes care of them. Are you one of these people, or do you only delight in doing YOUR will? Did you know that God's will for your life is the only thing that will bring you fulfillment and joy? He has great things in store for you-if you'll only take off the blinders of self-seeking long enough."
So what is God's will for my life? What does that mean? Do you know what God's will for your life is? A good friend of mine has been pondering that lately, and we're taking a bunch of teenagers away for the weekend to discover that very thing.
I'll just say this; it's in there. The Bible, I mean.
And trust me, it doesn't say anything about a snooze button.
But more about that later....


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