Wow. I just read my last entry and was blown away. Mostly because God has been speaking the same words to my heart for months, and I had somehow grown used to the constant knocking in the back of my mind. I DO still want God's best, but I put things off. Life gets in the way. Good things, tough things, boring things, fun things. I used to think that to strive for something more would mean I am being ungrateful. That to not be satisfied where I'm at would be the same as telling God 'No'. I'm not sure if I'm even explaining myself right but Allie says 'just blog it' so I am. Ok, where was I? ....Oh yes, so I'm slowly realizing that He might just be drawing me into something new, and using my restlessness to get me to a new place. I'm restless, and feel like I'm at the edge of something scary and exciting but I'm to scared to leap. It scares me to think sometimes what it would take to finally get me to jump. Why do I put things off? I don't know. But I can tell you it's getting harder to do. Maybe because I feel old. By the way, we took these pics this morning, my Alliegirl and I. Same shirt, same book. Go figure. I stayed home sick from work, so I almost didn't post them because I have that just-out-of-bed-grossness-sickperson thing going on, but these pics make me smile. This girl, who always jumps. Looking at her is like looking at a younger version of myself who made better choices. But I don't want to be 10 years from now looking back at this time, wishing I would have just shut my eyes and....jumped. Get ready, Jenna. Let's do this thing.


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