The "S" word

So the word of the week for me is SURGERY. 
Although, I must say I can think of a couple of other "S" words that describe how I feel about this whole thing. First of all, it's been over 15 years since I've had to stay at the hospital. 
I HATE IVs-- I have very stubborn veins. The last time I tried to be a good citizen and give blood, they asked me not to come back. Seriously. Not to mention I am pretty much a baby when it comes to pain and not being able to cry into my own pillow in my own bed. And the surgery is a lot of cutting and stitches. ew.
But whatever. I'm just going to get over it. God has blessed me with an amazing job and health insurance and I just want to get it over with. I'll be a much happier and healthier woman a month from now.
So here's to the future without parts that make me miserable! I could drink to that!


  1. Definitley going to be praying for you! A GREAT nurse to do a fantastic job at getting an IV site..BIG juicy veins for the complications and a quick and speedy recovery! Love you!


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