A rainy spring day in the Rogue Valley is a beautiful thing.  I wish I had a digital camera that worked so I could post a pic here. Maybe I'll come back and do that sometime, but until then I'll post a generic one. My sister said it was snowing in Jacksonville today~Love it. I'm feeling a little better every day. Today some of my brain cells have decided to move back in, and I'm taking some time in my quiet house to work on a couple of projects that I used to be excited about, and am starting to get excited about again.

Each day brings something new that I can be thankful about. Even little things like coconut creamer and a good printer and fuzzy socks. Goofy family pictures and the clock that ticks above my desk. My GET WELL balloons that are somehow still inflated and hovering in the corner of my dining room. New recipes and old friends. Candles and Vanilla Bean Noel lotion and The Hunt for Red October and Star Trek and a million romantic comedies. Hot showers and flowers that remind me of my Great Grandparents, who I was very blessed to know. Phone calls from family just to say HI and emails from friends who have finally found happiness. My job and my boss (x2) and Pandora Radio and the MAC I'm borrowing and Google. My husband and kids and sisters who make me laugh until it hurts. Friends who are far away but who make me feel loved. Good books. Good blogs. Freedom. Malcolm in the Middle. Random conversations. Creativity and imagination. Whew! It's hard to stop once you get going. Give it a try!

What little (or big) things are you thankful for?


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