Back to Basics

Our church has started a series called "Back to Basics". On Sunday mornings and in life groups during the week we are taking 10 weeks to study the 10 commandments. Part of this series includes 10 videos, each one featuring a different pastor or teacher in our church. I was pretty excited to be a part of the video process. It seems like Shawn and I have been working on this project forever! Of course, it didn't help that I had surgery right in the middle of the editing process, so Shawn was on his own for the first couple. Weeks 1-5 have already gone out (I think I scored a few new gray hairs with that), and now I'm working on getting videos 6-10 done. You know how you picture something in your head, and then life happens and it ends up looking like something else? Well, I guess you just walk away from it and hope you learn something. I can't really tell you everything I've learned yet. I'm still too tired and I just want to be done! Here's me...working on the videos...taking a break to play with the photo booth...this is how I look when I'm editing some of this stuff...haha!

But seriously, it's been really good for me to focus on these basics of faith. The timing has been so perfect, and has really made me think about how I can apply them in my own life. I think that when some people think of the 10 commandments they picture cheesy old movies and outdated rules. What about you? When was the last time you took a look at the 10 commandments?


  1. J John did a really good DVD/Book on them a few years back called "Ten". I found it very helpful.

  2. The ten commandments sound like *big booming voice fromt the sky* "Moses!" "MOSES!"

    it is funny that I think of the ten commandments as archaic and a thing of the very distant past. I usually will specify a command if an offense has been made in that area, but my focus is in the new covenant--Love God, Love your neighbor--if you do this, you have fulfilled all of the commandments. That is where I prefer to be, under the 'blanket' of the loving command to love God first and then every body else. As a human being, it is hard to know what that love is supposed to look like especially if you happen to be "new" at this kind of love, you know? It is a different place to be when you are seriously practicing love, to the best of your own ability, to the total level that you understand love.


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