Procrastination is not my friend

So I told you all about a little project I was working on (along with a host of other fun projects) about my friend Robin. It was a 90 second story about her, which I was hoping to enter in Donald Miller's Million Miles Short Film Contest. The deadline was yesterday, and the rules said upload before April 21st. So last night I settle in to upload my video (hence the procrastination comment) and lo and behold! The deadline was 5:23pm. Yikes! I missed it. Totally my fault, too. Procrastination is not my friend. So I plan on just posting it here later on today after I get home from work. Just thought I would post an updation. Why do we procrastinate? I have my theories...what are yours? Think about it!


  1. Sometimes I think we procrastinate because we don't REALLY want to do whatever it is we're supposed to be doing........


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