I admit that sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with all of my friends on facebook. It's just crazy impossible to see everything that everyone posts. But one day, I noticed some cool looking pictures on Robin's facebook page; a smiling white girl in a sea of dark smiling faces. Robin is a girl I grew up with. We went to church together, and although I've always really liked her, we never really hung out or had any meaningful conversations that I can remember. Well, I decided to send her a message asking her about her pictures. Robin called me. This story is about that conversation. I just remember hanging up the phone and smiling at God. What a story this woman has. She's not perfect. Her life is actually pretty messy. (I can relate to that!) But God is using her, and it takes my breath away. I hope her story makes you smile too.


  1. I wish I had a savings account because then I would go to Uganda and wash feet too! :) This is beautiful, and you did Robin such justice in telling her story!

    I will be taking lots of pictures to send to you so that you can do a video about our little town too! change is coming! Wait and see!

    I love you girl!

  2. I'm crying. My heart feels so full it is overflowing. Thank you Robin and Jenna for sharing this wonderful story. Inspiring, heartwarming, amazing. I love seeing that little girl grown up and making a difference.

    Very inspiring Robin! Thanks for sharing with us Jenna (it was beautifully told).

  4. Jenna, I love your how your mind works -- seeing a story and sharing it.

  5. Wow, what an inspiration!


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