So I mentioned yesterday about the book I just read. I'll say it again. GO GET IT. Just go get it. It will rock your world.

Last night I was talking to David about what I had learned in the book, and how I felt God using it right where I'm at. We were on this walk in the cold darkness and it felt so good to just share my heart with someone who really knows me. Anyway, I was telling him that God was stirring something in me that is so hard to explain. I want to live a new story; one that doesn't make comfort and safety it's main concern. I want to be scared. Does that make sense? I want to tell a good story with my life. He just listened in his strong, logical way and we talked about the past a little bit and what our future might look like. Gosh I love that man. And this morning we prayed about it before he went to work.

Bam! This morning I get this call from this girl that grew up in the same church. We've talked briefly on and off throughout the years but never really like we talked this morning. This girl is living an epic story. She is so far outside of my box that it takes my breath away. Something about it scares me. :)

And I'm going to tell it. I will have the privilege to produce video about her story. I meet with her on Monday to outline it. I can't wait to invest and then share it. And so it begins...


  1. This is the Blue Like Jazz author huh? I have to tell you I didn't care for that book....I'd be interested to read this. I also didn't agree with alot of what he said in response to the Pat Robertson (??) thing...hmmm


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