30 Things in 30 Days- Day 13

For those of you who popped in to see what embarrassing thing I did today... Sorry! I'm a chicken.
I'll try again tomorrow, and then you'll hear all about it. :)

So today's inspiration came from my friend Jeannie in Michigan. Her suggestion was to watch the Food Network and make something creative for dinner. Well, we don't have that channel, but I do have the internet (obviously). So I made THIS.

With the cold snap hanging on here at the end of May in Oregon, stew seemed perfect. I've made this before, but this time I added some additional creative stuff. And of course, there is no way my family will eat a vegan stew, so I added ground turkey. It was delicious. And everyone ate it up--even my nephew. See you tomorrow!


  1. chicken!!!!!!!! i can't wait to read about that one!
    but good job on the cookin! :) :)
    Love you !


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