30 Things in 30 Days- DAY 15

YES, this was possibly my most embarrassing "To Do" to date. Today was inspired by my oldest son, Ethan in North Carolina. (Ethan is in the Army and is getting ready to be deployed with his Airborne Unit to Afghanistan in a week.)
When I was little and someone in my family had a birthday, the Shelby kids would huddle around Great Grandma Malcolm so that we could hear her sing the birthday song. We loved it because it was kind of Opera style. To this day, it is a family tradition to sing the birthday song this way. Sometimes I even leave the Grandma Malcolm birthday song on voicemails for my friends and family on their special days. Which brings me to Ethan's suggestion: Sing my order Grandma Malcolm style in a drive-thru.
That's right. And I've been putting it off for 2 days. Complete chicken. I didn't want to just drive up and sing into a microphone. If I'm gonna do this thing I'm gonna do it right. Face to face. So finally I told myself that if my son is willing to go to Afghanistan for me, I'm willing to humiliate myself for him. So I went to a drive-thru Human Bean and sang to a sweet girl named Ashley and the other customers that happened to be there. And yes, I filmed it. I apologize in advance for my hideous singing voice. Enjoy Day 15.


  1. That was so great! Good for you to be willing to embarass yourself for all of our entertainment (and your own sense of adventure!).

  2. Weston and I LOVED THAT!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you and glad that I will never put myself into such a situation - that's embarrassing!
    Love you!
    Cindy & West

  3. Love love love loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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