30 Things in 30 Days-DAY 4

Today was inspired by...well, the Bible. I recently worked on a big project producing some videos about the 10 commandments. One of the videos focused on the 4th commandment: 'Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy...' This scripture goes on to explain a little more about what the Sabbath is and why it's important. As I filmed and and spent quite a bit of time editing the people who taught on this subject, I was really forced to take a look at my own life and how/if I'm taking my Sabbath and making it holy.
I have a busy, full and sometimes crazy life. But I'm realizing that in the past I've looked at rest as wasting time or being lazy or even selfish. This might sound crazy to you, but it's true. And I think it's an American culture thing. Somehow we have come to equate rest with leisure. It's not the same thing.
I could drone on and on with examples and stories, but I won't. I think most of you know exactly what I'm talking about. What I want tell you is how I took a Sabbath today.
We packed some lunch, put some gas in the truck and drove up to the mountains. We stopped and visited with a lady in a little country store in Lake Creek and had a picnic by the creek. We drove up to Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods and Willow Lake and scouted out some campgrounds we'd like to visit this summer.
My husband loves being outside, out in the middle of nowhere. He loves to take those old logging roads and see how far and how high he can get. We got so high we hit snow and almost got stuck. I think that was his favorite part of the day. We didn't have the radio on, and some of the time we just rode in silence and looked outside at the amazing scenery around us. The spring colors in the Cascade Mountains are incredible right now. I thought a lot about God and creation and my life and the people that I love.
At one point we stopped to turn around and David just let the truck idle for a minute so the dust would clear. All of a sudden, this HUGE owl flew right in front of us and landed in a tree. He just sat up there with a little mouse in his beak and stared down at us. It just took my breath away. He finally flew away into the thick forest. I had no idea owls could be that big.
I don't know what you think about the Sabbath, but I do know this. Take one. Just take some time to rest. It's how you were built. It's how you will make it through this week, and be the best that you can be. It's not selfish. I promise.


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