30 Things in 30 Days- DAY 8

The Birthday Experiment, Day 8! I'm officially on Week 2. Woohoo!
Today's idea was inspired by my friend Amber (CRAZY mom of 5 boys with a little girl on the way soon) in California.
You might be surprised to know that although I have a love for words and writing, I'm not always good at talking. And by talking I mean heart to heart, say what you feel and think kind of talking. I'm glad to have married someone who is actually very good at this.
Today I'm going to take some time to express some things to some people in my life, and I'm going to be writing them letters or emails because that's how I express myself best. It might even take me more than just today to do it. Do you have something you need to say to someone? Maybe it's "Thank you for loving me" or "I would walk a thousand miles for you." or "You fascinate me and I'm glad you're my friend." Maybe you need to finally forgive someone or tell them a secret or just invite them out for coffee to let them know they're important. Whatever it is, do it with me. I'm going to write some great things and maybe even some hard things. But they are things that I need them to know, and it will feel good to say them.


  1. From one crazy mom to another.....I love you!!!


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