To celebrate my 40th birthday next month, I have decided to do 30 THINGS before June 12th. But not just any old 30 things. These 30 things are special because they are things my family and friends have come up with. I still have more to add to get to 30, so if you have a minute please comment, message or email me with your ideas.
I'll be blogging on the 30 things over the next month. Here are some ideas of some I've already picked to be on my list. If yours is simple or creative or funny, I just might pick it! If it costs a lot of money or might land me in jail, I probably won't pick it. Just so you know.

*Take a bath with candles all around and take a nap. But don't take a nap in the bath, just go to bed. (From Mario, my 7 year old nephew)
*Write a country song about yourself and then sing it to someone. (-My friend Amanda. I might just record myself and put it on my blog. Now wouldn't that be something!)

Don't think too hard about this. Just be a pal and think of something and send it to me!


  1. How about write a note to each of you kids telling them you hope and dreams for them and their future and special memory that you shared with them. By the way I love this idea and may have to steal it from you sometime, I could really use a refocusing in my life.

  2. Go to the Airport and watch the comings and goings and people. I guess I'm a people watcher haha!

  3. Go to Yogurt Hut and get the BIG size and fill it as high as you can. Then head to Lithia Park sit down and people watch as you eat your Yogurt!! :)

  4. get and manicure and pedicure at the beauty school and have them paint a different color on each nail. and watch the people...bahaha, just had to throw that in! :)

  5. I think you should bake a loaf of bread. Smell the yeast as it works. Knead it over and over. Watch it rise. Smell it baking in the oven. Then eat it warm with lots of butter. There's no better experience for the taste buds or for the soul. And you'll be so proud to eat the bread that YOU made. Let me know how it turns out!

  6. Set up a fundraiser like on mycharity:water. I saw Alyssa Milano do this for her 37th birthday, asking for $37 to be donated for clean water wells. You could set up the fundraiser and ask for $4.00 or $40 donations. I was thinking of starting a fundraiser for my 40th. :)

  7. This is a great idea. I REALLY love Mario's suggestion.


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