Well, I am compiling my list this morning. I don't have enough for all 30 days yet, but I'm pretty sure that over the next couple of weeks I'll think of some, or you slackers (the ones that I love despite the fact you are making this too hard) will finally make a decision and email it to me! :)

Today I'm starting with something that's a bit out of my comfort zone. I'll blog about it tonight and let you know how it goes.

I still have room for suggestions to complete my list. I can totally think of things to fill it, but it's so much more fun if you make me do it! So send me something--even more than one!

Here I go!



  1. I think you should bag the Rogue Valley Triple Crown... hike to the top of Roxy, Upper Table Rock, and Lower Table Rock... I'm just gonna post as I think of things.

  2. Are you ready for my 10 things???

    1. Pack a picnic basket, grab your honey, and head to Roxy Ann to see the city lights at night...add a little mackin' and maulin' while you are there!! Oh my!!

    2. Take Dingo to Pet Country or Pet Smart for a Doggie Excursion Day! Chammy loves to chow on the popcorn on the floor at Pet Country and slurp out of the fish tanks! YUCK!!

    3. Grab a girlfriend and head to an elementary playground...have fun on the swings, monkey bars, play tetherball, a kid again!

    4. Take your boys to school and treat their first teacher of the day with a coffee or pick them up and treat their last teacher of the day with somethin'.

    5. Bake a yummy batch of brownies and deliver them to your nearest fire station just because. Make sure you check out the cute guys for your single friends!! :)

    6. Treat your family to a classic french chicken dish...coq au vin, it is really yummy and easy. But you have to talk like Julia Child when you serve it!

    7. Get a tattoo!! You have to tell us what you got, but don't have to share where! :) Remember, it doesn't have to be permament. I have mind picked out!!

    8. Write a "thanks for being a great parent" or "I love being your daughter" to your parents. I know it sounds sappy, but they will love it!! :)

    9. Have a backyard camp-out under the stars! Make smores, tell scary stories or funny ones, and just have fun with your fam.

    10. Go skinny dippin'!! Everyone has to do it at least once, or twice, in their lifetime! :)


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