Have you ever sat around wishing for life to be different?
Let's say you were a teenager. And you were sitting around on a Saturday, bored. Bored, bored, bored. And you said something to your Mom like, "I wish I had my driver's license so I could go have some fun." And let's say you did this day after day, week after week. You didn't study for your test. You didn't practice driving. You didn't go get a job to help pay for your insurance. You just sat on the couch every weekend and wished. Do you think you Mom would wave her Fairymom Wand and "Poof"? Nope. She would probably smack you upside the head with that glittery little wand of hers. She would say stuff like - "Go do something. Make it happen. I'll help you study, I'll let you practice driving. I'll help you pay for it. Just get going and get 'er done!"
Very rarely in our lives do great things come to us without any effort. Sometimes I'm like a lazy teenager just sitting around wishing. I think I'd rather be a grown up. They have more fun.
So what are you wishing for?


  1. I am wishing that all the things I taught my kids would some how find their way back to the surface. My action can only be prayer.


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