30 Things in 30 Days-Day 22

JUST BECAUSE. I love those words. There's just something about them. Oh, the possibilities with JUST BECAUSE.
You're thinking about someone and suddenly just want to hear their voice so you call them just because. You're driving down the road and a good song comes on and you just turn it up and sing at the top of your lungs just because. You make some delicious homemade banana bread. You squish up close to someone on the couch and cuddle. You are standing in a long line in a busy grocery store and you let someone go ahead of you in line because they look like they're stressing out. You wave wildly at the guy on the corner that's dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. You skip instead of walk to the mailbox to get your mail. You put a funny sticky note on someone's computer at work. You email an old friend. You leave a big fat tip. You call your Dad to find out how his day went. You open all the windows and smell the rain. Just because.
Today I did something else JUST BECAUSE. I bought someone a gift. Not an expensive gift. Not a big one. But I was replacing my super dee duper, special formula, secret weapon lip balm and decided to buy an extra one for someone special. I hope she likes it. Because I was thinking of her when I bought it, just because.


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