30 Things in 30 Days - Day 24

Day 24 was inspired by my nephew Mario, who loves a good treasure hunt. He is helping me write today's post. First, we went to a great website for geocaching and found the coordinates to a hidden treasure not too far from my house.
Then we loaded up in the car and the adventure began.

On the way, we saw this really cool bird and a beautiful vineyard.

We ended up in a park on Cherry Street. We decoded a hint before we left which told us the cache was not on the ground, so we looked in trees.
It took us a while to finally find it.

We opened up the container, signed it and carefully hid it back in the tree. What a great adventure for Day 24!


  1. I feel so special! I got a call from the friend himself!! How fun!

  2. That's sounds like a lot of fun, I would like to do that sometime with the kids


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