30 Things in 30 Days - Day 25

Much of this 30 Day Adventure has been spent learning lessons about myself and the world around me. I wanted to share about something that impacted me today, on Day 25. Words are powerful. With words we can ruin a reputation, change the course of history, devastate a life. Words spoken in anger can be a curse. Never hearing that you are loved can make you feel worthless and hopeless. But words spoken with gracious intention and love can bring blessing. Powerful blessing.
These truths were brought home to me tonight as I attended "Senior Blessing" with my son Evan. Shawn and his youth staff put on a fabulous dinner in a beautiful setting, but that pales in comparison to the events that took place after the meal. It's so hard to explain if you've never attended one of these events, but I'll try.
Tonight these graduates heard things that most of us adults will never hear in our lifetime. Not only do they hear words of blessing from their parents privately, but they each get a turn to sit in the 'hot seat' and hear words of blessing from the adults who have invested in each of them over the past four years or more. They each were presented with a gift and a bible verse specifically chosen for them. I just sat there blown away by the love that was directed at each kid, and as I watched each guy or girl respond and listen to the words being spoken about them, I had to wonder how these words will impact their future. I would not have missed tonight for the world. For it is from here that these young men and women will jump, and it is from here that we will see the start of great things to come in their lives. The investment pays off, and a new generation of kids know without a doubt that they are important and that they are loved. And we get to cheer them on. It just doesn't get much better than that.
It makes me think a lot about the words I speak every day. What if I could share that with the people around me and make them understand that they are valued and they are loved? The words I say and the actions I take might just make a difference. And to me, that's a pretty important lesson. Thanks, Day 25. I will try to remember it.


  1. I love how your church does that. Everytime I have been there I am amazed at how much emphasis there is on praying over each other, it is very powerful, and something that is missing in a lot of churches. Especially the impact of praying over our teens, many churches forget about them.

  2. The power of the tongue...Blessing or cursing... How correct you Jenna! Wouldn't it be wonderful to live a life where only blessings and love were spoken!


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