30 things in 30 Days- DAY 27

Today was inspired by my fellow blogger, Krystle. I'm sitting at the Medford Airport. It's surprising how many flights come in and out of this little town.
My sister Marna and I are having the best time people watching. People all around us. Voices everywhere. Lots of hugs and tears. Pacing. Watching out the windows for the next few flights. Excitement, anticipation. Big smiles and laughing. We came here to be entertained by the variety of people, but this has turned out to be something we didn't expect.
Marna noticed when we got here that there were no departures for the rest of the night, only arrivals. And that is an amazing thing. Because as we look around, no one is sad. No one has had to say goodbye to anyone. There are only the hellos. A grandmother meeting her baby granddaughter for the first time. An elderly man with his arms wide to welcome his brother who is hunched over in a wheelchair just grinning from ear to ear. A young dad with his bed-head toddler who is standing on tip toes to see her mommy walk through the gate. A husband embracing his wife in a big bear hug. There is something about sitting in an airport full of people who are genuinely joyful in this moment. And it got me to thinking. I think heaven will be like one big arrival gate at an airport. No goodbyes. No heartbreak. No sadness. Just excitement. Pure joy. Only the hellos.
Won't that be something?


  1. I knew you'd leave the airport with something more than just a day of people watching! I love that thought and I think you are right on!!!!


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