30 Things in 30 Days- Day 28

Today was inspired by my future brother-in-law Sergio.

When I was a kid my Dad hung this long rope from the top of my treehouse and I used tie Coke cans on the end of it. I thought it was the coolest moving target ever and I would spend hours back there shooting my BB gun.

On holidays we used to go over to my in-laws house and everyone would go out into the back pasture and launch clays and shoot until the sun went down. Those are some great memories.

Today we drove out the the shooting range and I got to shoot some really cool guns. I'd forgotten how much I love to shoot. I even hit some stuff! I had so much fun that I think I'll be spending some more time out there in the future. Thanks Sergio!


  1. Woohoo you look like a real Charlies Angel in the making! Fun fun!!


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