30 Things in 30 Days - Day 30 part 2

Well that's it! Day 30 is over. In a few minutes I'll officially be 40. What a great 30 days it has been. I've royally embarrassed myself, tried new things and learned about living a better story. This idea was inspired by Susan, Kipper and Jonalyn and possibly a few more people who suggested it. Tonight we finished our night under the stars. My parents, my sisters, Mario, my boys and David and I drove up to John's Peak, which is in the hills outside of Jacksonville. We spent time looking up. The stars were so bright. We roasted marshmellows, did the FIRE DANCE and laughed a lot. I saw a shooting star. Before we packed up for the night, we all just stood quietly and looked at the stars. My Dad prayed. It was the perfect way to end my adventure, and a perfect time to think about what's next. I'll be blogging some more tomorrow. I have something really special planned for lunchtime. I'll be back to report! Thanks for journeying with me... Goodnight!
PS: Thanks to my hubby for working so hard to make tonight so great!


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