Just finished the latest release from one of my favorite authors! Caleb + Kate is Cindy's new YA novel, and I think her best YA so far.
A modern take on the classic tale 'Romeo and Juliet', this story of forbidden love asks the question 'Does true love really exists?' Just in time for summer beach reading, you can pick up a copy in your local bookstore or purchase it online.
This is a story that shows two teens from different sides of the tracks grappling with powerful attraction, social barriers, family strife and decisions that will alter the entire courses of their lives. Kate is heiress to a 5 star hotel, but struggles with purpose in a life filled with meaningless extravagance. Caleb is new to Kate's elite prep school, and quickly makes waves as he tries his best to fit in far from home. Caleb's father works for Kate's, and it isn't long before Kate discovers a 50 year old fight between their grandfathers that has left a legacy of revenge and bitterness for both families. When the families forbid Caleb and Kate from seeing each other, the two may have to decide between family loyalty and true love. Are they too young? What about faith? Is it really true love? Is it worth risking everything?
This story is unique in it's telling, in that it is told in first person present with Caleb and Kate each taking turns with point of view. I found it interesting that the author was able to give me a glimpse into the mind of a teen boy who was struggling between the loyalty he feels for a revenge-driven Grandfather and Kate, the girl he seems destined to love.
Well written and filled with interesting characters in a great setting (Oregon!), I sailed through this book in one weekend while on vacation. I recommend it for teens as well as adults, as it raises some good questions about love and faith.
This book will leave you googling more titles by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma. Enjoy!


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