Ok, I admit it. I'm an Imagination Junkie. I'm one of those weird people who loves to shop the bargains the day after Halloween, who lurks around the Magic Shop and digs through old boxes at yard sales hoping to find a giant pair of clown shoes or a bunch of Grandma's old wigs. I keep everything carefully labeled and stacked in big plastic boxes in our garage, or wherever. There is just something about boxes full of costumes. Oh, the possibilities! Last time my niece Addie visited she fluttered around my house as a Pirate Fairy with a long white wizard wig and a pink feather boa, and I loved every second of it. A few of my friends used my "old lady" stuff to dress up at a weekend retreat a few months ago, and they actually walked around a little coastal town in costume looking just as wacky as they come. It was great. My friend Kaitlyn recently celebrated her 9th Birthday and I brought over my boxes of costumes for her party. What is it about dress-up that sparks imagination? A few carefully chosen props can keep a child on a different planet for hours, just wishing, dreaming, sword fighting and saving the planet. I think that's why I love to write. For just a few minutes or hours (if I'm lucky) I can be whoever I want, I can visit crazy places, I can create characters that are wild beyond reason. Sometimes as adults I think we neglect our imaginations. I don't want to ever get so 'grown up' that I forget to imagine. I think that would be sad. So no matter how much my husband complains, I'm keeping my boxes of costumes and props. Besides, who knows when I might feel like being a pirate?


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