I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to really love someone. As humans we have the capacity to "feel" love for someone, and that can drive us to do some stupid and beautiful stuff. But what about when you don't "feel" it? Can you still love someone? What does that look like?
Well, I'm no expert but I'm learning what it DOESN'T look like. I'm learning that true love and selfishness have a hard time hanging out together in the same room. I'm learning that it involves giving up my rights, and that's a hard thing to do because I'm kind of attached to my rights. It means packing away any sort of expectations. Read that sentence again, because I think so many times love fizzles and dies because we go into it with expectations and we're almost always disappointed.
What would it look like if you took ONE DAY, just one day, and you were free to LOVE. What if you didn't have to worry about whether or not the person you were loving deserved it? You weren't allowed to think about yourself at all, you could only think about how to love someone for that one day? I'm talking about loving them in this crazyiwoulddoanythingforyoubecauseyou'rethemostimportantpersonintheworldtoday and then lovethemsomemorelikeyoulifedependedonit way. What if your only job for the whole entire day was to unreasonably and recklessly LOVE ? What would that look like? What would it not look like? Could you do it even if you didn't feel like it? I dare you.


  1. Hey Jenna, thanks for commenting on my blog! I like your thoughts here. Love is always costly. That's why we're often so stingy with it.


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