If you've been following my blog even a little, you know that I've been kicking around the idea of our lives being like a story. I've been thinking a lot lately about what (or who) is writing my story, and what happens when I just "let life happen". Have you ever quit reading a book after a few chapters, or even fallen asleep during a movie? Have you thought about what makes a movie or book "slow"? A story can have a ton of action, breathtaking beauty, some huge explosions or crazy plot twists, but if the characters don't change, I don't care. On the flip side, if a character goes deep then I don't have to have these huge moments of action or special effects. I don't need them to change the world or leap tall buildings in a single bound. A rich character is a rare and precious thing.
Although many times I tend toward an easy going, wait-and-see type of attitude, I'm realizing that I don't want every moment of my life to be lived this way. Sometimes it's the best way, but most of the time it's not. In fact, more than ever I've started living intentionally. This means action. It means risk. It means being uncomfortable. I've decided that I will never again let FEAR write my story for me. Have you ever let FEAR write pages of your story? Chapters, even? What about anger or bitterness? Regret? Grief? Logic? Greed? Comfort?
The pages of our lives are rich with heroes and villains, plot twists and triumph and conflict, defining moments and heart-wrenching tragedy. But if we don't change, if we as the main characters don't decide to become the heroes of our own stories, if we don't let the Author mold great character within us, we're missing it.

A good story is good. But what if you're missing out on an epic story?

In my next post I think I'll look at exactly where a story starts becoming great. But in the meantime, think about something for me. Name some of your favorite "characters" of all time. I think we all need to start there, so that we can figure out what kind of story we want to live. And then think about this: Have you ever let something else or someone else write pages or chapters of your story for you?


  1. Jenna,
    I love your post. I like to think about the story of my life as you do. The pictures you posted are great. I love the main character in the movie Rudy. One exercise I like to do is to go about my day and think of the actions I take and the situaions I find myself in and think of them in terms of words. Try it you might like it. Great job.

  2. Jenna- I have so enjoyed your blog! It has provided me with a chuckle, warmed my heart, and has caused some serious introspection. Mostly it reminds me that life is made to be lived and, my friend, I thank you for that!

  3. Brooke BlackmoreJuly 19, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    You know what is especially cool about the moment that changes everything? what takes place in that moment does not have to be monumental...kind of like the ripple effect of a pebble in a still pond. it is obvious that a huge thing (a figurative boulder in the still pond)will be part of a moment that changes everything, but allowing the small things to help grow us and change us is important too.

    When everyone else says 'Leave!' and you decide to stay for the sake of seeing the moment through to the end (a saved marriage, incentive to live for an icu patient, lingering for a moment 'here' to avoid tragedy 'there'). When the behavior shows "I hate you" and your response is "I love you anyway", that is a moment.

    My mind keeps going to willingness and courage in this collective moment--willingness to actually be in it and courage to stay in it--the character has no choice but to say he is in, but what will he do with that state of being?
    What happens when you refuse to live in the moment? Say a person is stuck in a painful past or an anxious future? Can one really appreciate the moment that changes everything if they are not "ALL IN" in the first place?

    I am understanding today how important it is to differintiate between the good and the best in our lives (you brought that to my mind and heart!) and I must say, it just isn't easy sometimes. It takes thought, time, and experience to figure this stuff out. Other times, you just KNOW, and you can difinitively say "I'm ALL IN!"


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