Every child of the 80's knows the delights of CYOA books. Do you remember those? CYOA stands for "Choose Your Own Adventure". For example, "You're lost in a dark cave. You can go right, which takes you downhill and gets wider or you can go left, which leads uphill but the tunnel becomes more narrow. Which way do you choose? Turn to page 28 if you go left, or 112 if you go right." I freakin LOVED these kind of books when I was a kid. They had really weird covers and bizarre storylines and like 32 different possible endings, but I would spend hours reading and making different choices to see where the story ended up.
The thing about these books is that if you started at page 1 and read each page in order and ignored the directions, the book would make absolutely no sense at all. Each adventure had choices.
Hmmm... I'm sure there's a life lesson in there somewhere.


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