UPDATION on the move

WARNING: This post will not be inspirational, motivational or well-written. It is simply an update on my life, and on the big move that I talked about in my post JUMPING. You can click on it now and read it if you missed it.
I've been getting emails and messages asking where we're moving, so I decided to just post it. Anyway, we are right smack dab in the middle of packing and moving stuff  into storage. We're selling a ton of stuff on Saturday at a fatty garage sale. I'm selling some of my favorite things. David is selling a huge amount of tools and guy stuff. There is furniture and about 20 board games and a ton of other good finds, so come on out Saturday morning if you live in the Medford area.
The search for the right place continues, and in the meantime we are staying for a brief stretch with some generous and beautiful friends. The perfect place to live for us right now would be as caretakers or housesitters or managers of some sort. Like I said earlier:  
We're in debt. We want out. We'll do whatever it takes to get there. 
So we're all in.
I know it seems crazy. 
It's super hard. 
I'm exhausted and sad. 
But it will be worth it. 
We serve a big God.


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