Being thankful for the worst moments

This is a picture of a young teen mom saying goodbye to her baby girl in the hospital 23 years ago. Shortly after this photo was snapped, that baby girl went home with her adoptive parents, and the teen girl went home with empty arms. That teen mom is me, and it was one of the saddest days of my life.

This is a picture of that same mom and baby girl meeting again for the first time. It was taken in the Medford Airport 2 years ago. Shortly after this photo was taken, that baby girl went home with me to meet my family. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Here's my point. On the day the first picture was taken, God could see the second picture. On one of my saddest days, He was holding one of my happiest days.  He knows how the story ends. And it's not over.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have pictures snapped of their saddest and happiest days. But we all have images in our minds of our worst moments. Today I ask you to consider the possibility that there is a moment, somewhere down the timeline of your life, that will redeem your saddest of days. And you will step back and look at it and be thankful for your worst moment because without it, your happiest moment wouldn't exist. And won't that be something?


  1. : ) I love that Allie!!! I know meeting you was one of her happiest moments also!!!!! She fits like a glove with you and your family. I love watching it all come together, seeing the God story!!!!

  2. I cried. I totally cried as I read this.
    It so rang true and it's something Trev and I have talked a lot about.

    Going through that miscarraige was awful. It was horrible. And I couldn't see what the heck God was doing. And now I sit here with two babies moving around in my tummy and I am reminded that He knew...He always knew.
    I wouldn't have them if I hadn't lost that baby. And no, I would never say I'm glad for that. But He doubly blessed me the next time around. And now it's a perfect testimony, a perfect subject to bring up how good He is. And I won't feel like it has really come full circle until I hold these babies in my arms...but I can already see His promises.

    So, different things....but not really. Bad and Great. And He knows. And although it's tough, it's comforting to know that He does.
    Thanks for sharing friend. I love your story...

  3. This made me cry too, Jenna! I remember you pregnant with Allie and the years in between before the beautiful reunion. She's SO your daughter and I adore her!

    But what a powerful image you gave everyone, in every circumstance, in every Bad Picture moment.



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