Dreamers and Copycats

It's been all over the blogosphere. Recently Sketchers came out with a new shoe. It's called the "BOBS". This is what it looks like:

They are not kidding.

For those of you left scratching your head a bit, let me clue you in. There is a shoe company called "TOMS". This shoe company began in 2006 when a guy named Blake met some kids in Argentina who had no shoes. He created TOMS shoes, a company that matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Pretty cool, huh? Their website has a ton of cool ideas how to make a difference for kids around the world. Every person I know that owns a pair of TOMS loves them, because they are a part of the TOMS story when they buy those shoes. Here's a pic of TOMS shoes.

Poor Sketchers. I can't even be angry with them, they have made themselves look so pathetic. They even started a program to give away shoes. I wonder if people will buy the corporate copycat version?

This got me to thinking. How many times in my life have I wanted to make a difference, but I sold out? I want to do something creative, something that will have meaning, but instead of listening to what God may be telling me to do (which can be scary and have a high risk of failure), I cave in and go with the safe choice. I pick what has been working for years, or I pick what has worked for others over and over and over, or I pick what is popular. What if I began dreaming more? What if I had the courage to step out and do something that would be an absolute failure if God wasn't smack dab in the center of it?


  1. I have seen at least four different copycat Toms.
    Bobs, Bullfrogs, Soda's, and then the other one that had a really odd name I can't remember. But they are all over! And a lot of these knockoff Toms actually have some charity program along with it, like Toms.


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