Larry the Cable Guy goes to College?!

This is a picture of my family a couple of years ago.  Aww...I miss my boys.
And the big guy? This is my Davey. AKA David. Dave. He is the hardest working guy I know. 

He's also been a youth worker at our church. Some of the kids think he looks like this guy:

This would be a good Halloween costume. He could totally work it.

He loves God, family and being outdoors. In that order. He's the kind of guy that has worked hard his whole life to learn things. He's been a grocery store clerk, an auto-body guy, a swimming pool tile guy, a furniture delivery guy, a tire and brake guy, a salesman, a highway striper, a hay hauler, a logger, an aircraft sheet metal fabricator, a welder, a production manager, a diesel mechanic, a foreman, a heavy equipment mechanic, a truck driver, a granite guy, a contractor, a business owner.  And the latest thing to add to the list? A student. 

David's going to school full time at night while working days as a welder. He's taking a writing class. Yesterday his teacher called him just to tell him how much he enjoyed the last paper David wrote. It impressed him so much, the teacher wants to copy it to share with his classes. 

David made the comment, "I guess I just got lucky." 

Well honey, I hope you're reading this. Because good writing has nothing to do with luck. Good writing is blood, sweat and tears. You don't "accidentally" write a paper that makes your college professor call you at home to talk about it. 

I love it when God shows us something new about ourselves. So many times I think we put limits on ourselves when God would love to see us do something new. Is God calling you to a NEW thing? It takes courage and strength to turn the page and make changes. David's doing that, and I'm glad I'm along for the ride.


  1. I LOVE this post. It made me smile the whole way through. Go Dave!!

  2. Did you know this totally awesome thing about your hubby before this paper?! I am so stoked! Before you know it you two will be team writing :)
    This is just so awesome and I would love to see him as Larry the Cable Guy...please please please!!


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