I have been searching for my driver's license for the past hour.

Bright and early tomorrow morning I catch a flight out of Medford and head out to Missouri to watch Evan graduate from boot camp. I NEED MY PHOTO ID. My passport expired earlier this year. I don't think they'll take my Costco card.

I looked everywhere: every jacket, purse, pocket. I dug through the trash, my computer bag and even through my dirty clothes. Nothing.

The last place I could think of was that it might be in my car between the seats or something. One problem: we dropped my car off to have the brakes done while we're out of town. It is at Ed's Tire Factory. LOCKED UP IN THE SHOP. yep.

My husband, who couldn't stand to see me hysterical, called ED the owner at home. He was out of town, but his lovely wife Jan called the Manager and asked him to meet us down at the shop and let us dig through the car. So BOB, the manager, drove down there at 9:00 at night to let David in.

Right about that time I found my license.

BOB just wished us a good trip and went on home. Needless to say, I'm feeling really bad and REALLY HAPPY all at once.  So ED MILLER, owner of ED'S TIRE FACTORY, if you're reading this....I LOVE BOB. And your wife JAN. You're the best. And I'm so sorry. And my husband is THE MAN.

But the day after tomorrow I'll be hugging my soldier. And I just couldn't be more relieved. And that's my true story. The end.

PS: ED'S TIRE FACTORY rocks. Seriously.


  1. Someday I'll tell you my Ed's story- the morning of Krystle's wedding! Ed's Tire Factory indeed rocks!


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