Graduation Memories

The last couple of days have been quite the whirlwind.

On Wednesday we had some great journeys through airports. We landed in Denver and barely made our connecting flight because we *ran* (Just stop and think about how funny that is. If you've ever seen me run you know why that is funny.) through the airport to catch our flight to Kansas City. We had a 4 hour layover in Kansas City, where we ate a lunch that was WAY to expensive and browsed through shops that featured a lot of COW stuff. Apparently they're big business here. And also a ton of Wizard of Oz stuff. Ruby slippers and such.

There have been some great things about this little vacation. One of the most unexpected delights of my trip has been meeting all of the cool people, especially the taxi drivers. We didn't rent a car during our stay in lovely St Robert. So we take a taxi. All of the taxis that can get on post seem to be driven by retired military guys. I could go to great lengths to describe them to you: Robert DeNiro's cousin (not really, but he looked kind of like him) , 'Rabbit', and Ray who keeps giving us advice every time he takes us somewhere. Their stories are amazing. Their hearts are huge. And they get us where we're going QUICKLY. The taxi system here is so efficient.We've met families and soldiers from across our great country, and loved each one of them instantly. Evan's girlfriend Emily has joined us, and she has been an absolute blast.

Yesterday I got to see Evan for the first time in 15 weeks. Words can't describe what I felt when I saw him. Watching him get lost in in his Dad's huge hug, hearing his voice, seeing his smile, hearing his stories: it's all so overwhelming. We spent the day in his world: the Combat Engineer Museum, the PX, driving around base. I loved every second of it.

Today we went to his graduation. I've heard that military graduations were amazing, but nothing prepared me for what we experienced today. 200 men in uniform, marching and chanting and singing. Moving as one. It was incredible. I am so proud of my Army Soldiers. Ethan and Evan, you make me such a proud Mom. I love you so much.

Tomorrow we fly home. I miss Ellis, and can't wait to spend the week with Evan while he is working at the Recruiting office. I've been so blessed by the many texts, emails and FB messages I've received while we've been here. Thank you for the encouragement. And a special THANK YOU to my son ETHAN. Without you, I would have missed out on this trip. I love you.

And now, we're getting ready to go out to dinner to celebrate. We have a lot to celebrate tonight, and I'm so blessed.


  1. Fantastic. So happy for you & Dave and very proud of Ethan, Evan & Ellis.

  2. It's wonderful to share these moments with you Jenna via your FB, blog and texts. I'm so proud of Evan and Ethan, but also of you and David for raising such wonderful boys (Ellis included of course).

    You are living a great story, my friend. I love you!


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