My Word 2011

2010 was a rough year. A really rough year. Those of you who know me in real life, or even those of you who have followed my blog, know that the Benton family have seen better days. I was so excited to say hello to 2011. So I decided to do something new.
Yes, I joined the million other people out there who chose to pick a 'word' for their New Year's Resolution this year. I know 'everyone's doing it', but I'm actually really excited about it.
There is an entire website dedicated to helping people find their one word for the year. Radio programs have devoted entire segments on it, and if there's not already a book out there dedicated to this subject I'm sure there will be one soon. Basically, instead of having lists of 'goals' for the year, you pick one word that sums up the most important thing you want for your life in the 365 days ahead.
So, I took some time to really think about what has been going on around me. I thought about where I've been, and where I think God is taking me. I considered the scripture that has really been speaking to my heart lately. I decided to pick a word that embodied where I want to go this year. I tried not to pick what 'sounded cool', but really prayed about where I would like my focus to be.
I was reading one morning in Hebrews 11. I've heard this described as the 'Faith Hall of Fame.' There are some awesome stories behind the names in this chapter. Scandalous, adventurous, wild stories. Something deep in my heart jumped when I went on to read in Chapter 12 when scripture describes these people as a 'great cloud of witnesses'. You see, your life and my life are part of a bigger story; one that God is writing, page by page, chapter by chapter. I tend to become so focused on my little world that I forget to look back and look up and even look forward.
So my word this year is FAITH. Paul said that without faith it is impossible to please God. With all my heart I want to please Him. So I'm going to need a FAITH that is stronger, deeper, and one that does not rely on human perspective.
I even got crafty with the teen girls in my small group and made a little bracelet. It sounds corny, but sometimes during the day I look down on it and pray for more faith.
And that's my word. If you were going to pick a word, what would it be?


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