For My Friend.

The more I learn, the more I discover that I don't really know much. 

Debating and digesting politics, theology, geology, sociology and 
every other -ology can smother me like a steady fierce tide.  
God is too big for me to figure out. I can't explain him 
or describe him in a complex outline 
or even a million blog posts. 
I don't have the intellectual cunning or sparkling charisma to convince anyone 
that He even exists.

I can only humbly ask that you search out the truth for yourself. 

This life is not all there is.
But how we live matters.
We don't have to look too far outside of ourselves to know how small we are.
But how we live matters.
There are a million different opinions about an infinite number of ideas.
But how we live matters.

You were not meant to simply survive.

You are here. You are breathing. You are known. And how you live matters.


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