It's hard to wait. Sometimes I feel like I'm all packed up and my plane just isn't here yet. 

God is working, and I need to be patient. But I have so many dreams. And every day I drive 20 minutes to sit on my steadily growing backside for 8 hours and my days just slip by. I don't feel like I'm wasting my days, but I also dream of living a life that makes a difference somehow. 

But I was thinking about something that this missionary said on Sunday morning.

He said that we have created this "Westernized" view of blessing. It looks a little like this: God just wants you to be affluent and content, and if you're not then you aren't doing something right.We get the new job and we say "What a blessing." and we come into some money or get out of a speeding ticket and we call it a blessing. Good health? Blessing. Nice vacation? Blessing. Dreyers Rocky Road? Blessing.

But what if we could think about BLESSING as anything that pushes us closer to Christ?  A blessing is something that makes us question WHO God is, and WHY we're here. A blessing is something that makes us go deeper and ask the hard questions. I've got some serious blessings in my suitcases, I guess. And I realized this morning that God is calling me to hang out right here in the airport. It's not where I would pick to live, but what do I know? I can live my life dreaming about what I think it should look like, or I can look around and find the opportunities God has placed around me.  Because He's not going to waste my life. But I'm realizing this: He's calling me to waste my life on HIM.

Put that in your luggage and carry it around for a while.


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