Well, tomorrow I start officially writing MR. PERFECT. I promise to post something every day. It might be to vent, to share something exciting or to even show you part of the scene I'm working on. Tomorrow morning I'll give you an overview of the set up and main character. And Saturday I plan to show you a glimpse of the opening scene. Hang on! This is gonna be a fun ride.

I got some great feedback on my log line, and I have already revised it. Here it is right now, subject to change of course.

MR PERFECT: A lonely romance writer's leading men come to life and turn the town and her heart upside down.

I love how many of you got involved with naming my character. I got so many good suggestions by email, facebook and this blog I'm having a hard time choosing, so I decided to reveal her full name tomorrow morning. Check back to get to know her!

Here's something I'm doing this week. Pick up your newspaper or go online and look at the log lines of the movies that are out. Which ones jump out and grab you? Can you improve any of them? I would love to hear your thoughts about current movie log lines and what works. Thanks for your help!


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