I love that DAY 1 is a Friday.  YAY for Friday. Do you know what this means?! (Besides the fact that it's payday and I can use the money from my day job to pay my rent?) This means that by the end of today I will have at least my first 3 pages written. I downloaded some free scriptwriting software because I decided to format my script as I go, rather than writing it all out and having to go back and format it. It's so cool! Now through Sunday I will be working on my opening image, stating my 'theme', and basically setting up the story. My goal is to be at page 10 by Sunday evening. I should mention that I'm writing this post 30 minutes before I have to leave for work, and I usually don't rush it like this. I usually edit and make sure everything looks good before hitting "publish post". But the next 30 days will be more like journaling, and I want to do it every day. So please forgive me if there are errors or I ramble. I'm so glad you're on this adventure with me!

So here's an overview:

I have picked a 'for now' name for my protagonist. Her name is Violet. I picked this name for a few different reasons, which you will learn later. Violet lives here:

 This is a town up the road from me called Ashland.

She lives in an upstairs apartment, overlooking the street.

When Violet was 10 her mother died. She went to live with her Grandfather, Pete. Pete is a grounds keeper for the Ashland Shakespeare festival.

Ashland has been described as a 'Theatre' town, a hippie town, a University town, a cool place to have lunch or shop. I think it's a little of each, and more.

In the opening scene we see Violet waking up in a bright, sunny apartment full of books and plants. As the scene progresses, we learn that there are two men in her apartment when she wakes up. We learn she is a Romance novel writer. We see her 'formula' for cranking out manuscripts and realize that she tends to use the same characters, settings and plots over and over. As Violet leaves her apartment for the day, we learn that these men that she has been interacting with (picture them making her coffee, handing her a towel, etc) are imaginary and when she leaves her apartment she leaves them behind.
In the days ahead you will learn some secrets about Violet and you'll get to know her leading men. Crazy things are going to happen, and it's not gonna be pretty!


  1. Yay! Love it!! Is Violet "hippie" sounding enough?? :)

  2. Alright, girl. You're doing this! I'm here for proofreads, ideas, etc. Whatever you need (even if it's some early morning coffee-motivation), I'm here. I'm loving getting to know these characters with you & the fun we've had so far with them. :)

  3. I really like the opening. I'm drawn in and interested in knowing what is going on with these guys. I like the name Violet. Sounds fragile and that the feeling you want of her? So excited to be reading your posts everyday, missed it after your 40 days.

  4. Violet! As soon as I read it, I got it:) LOVE.


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