Ok, I'm going to be honest here. I'm behind on my page count. I'm seeing some holes in my storyboard. Things that seemed compelling when I started writing are turning out to be kind of boring. And although I know my script will not win any awards or become famous, I still want it to be something I'm proud of. So I'm taking today to lay my cards on the table. Literally.
There are many ways to write, but this time I chose 15 'beats' and put my 40 key scenes down on index cards. There are 3 acts in my story: 10 cards for the first act, 20 for the second and 10 for the third.
My first act is done and I like it. I think my third act is good (it's in my head but I know what happens). It's the second act that is giving me headaches. I think I need better conflict. And I think I need to have a better understanding of what Violet wants and needs. Even though it's a romantic comedy, it needs to be compelling.
So I'm making new cards today to give me fresh perspective. I'll keep you all posted.
PS- This isn't my storyboard, but it's an idea of what one can look like. See how it's divided into 3 sections (acts)? This one is color coded and crowded with awesome ideas. My storyboard needs more color and my second act looks much more sparse than my other two. I'm going to fix that today. Stay tuned!


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