Time for a glimpse at the script!

When we last checked in with Violet she had just ran out of her apartment, freaked out because Samson brought her a REAL cup of coffee from Deja Brew down the street. Violet meets her friend Whitney and is trying to explain what happened; Samson, the hunky hero of her latest Romance novel, has come to life.

EXT. TOWN SQUARE - MORNING                                    
          Violet is sitting on a bench with her head in her hands.      
          Whitney is standing by her.                                    
                    What’s happening to me Whit? What’s                  
                    wrong with me?                                      
                    Listen to me. There is nothing                      
                    wrong with you. Remember when we                    
                    were kids and we used to play with                  
                    our imaginary friends? Your just a                  
                    creative soul. Granted, sometimes a                  
                    little wacky and neurotic, but                      
                    mostly just creative. So these guys                  
                    seem real. To you. So what? Give                    
                    yourself a break.                                    
                    No Whitney, you don’t understand.                    
                    Look at this. My lip is burned.                      
                    That was real coffee! He walked in                  
                    my kitchen with his big black hat                    
                    and huge belt buckle and said,                      
                    "Just how you like it". Unless I’m                  
                    hallucinating. But I’m not because                  
                    here’s the cup. The coffee came                      
                    from this very real cup. Go ask                      
                    Markay. I didn’t buy this cup this                  
                    morning. Samson did. Look! Markay                    
                    wrote his name on the side. Well,                    
                    she spelled it wrong but still. And                  
                    it was hot. And it burned me. What                  
                    does this mean?                                      
                         (Distracted by something over                  
                         Violet’s shoulder)                              
                    I don’t expect you to believe me. I                  
                    don’t even believe it myself, to be                  
                    No. I believe you.                                  
                    You don’t have to say that.                          
                    No. I mean I really believe you.                    
                         (looking behind her)                            
                    Oh no.                                              
          Samson is standing on a grassy knoll behind Violet. He is      
          looking around at the trees and the people in wonder. He      
          sees Violet and smiles.                                        
                    Vi, if I knew he was so hot I would                  
                    have been reading your porn.                        
                    Not porn. Romance. What is happening, Whit?                    
                    What am I going to do? If the                        
                    committee finds out about him or my                  
                    Romance novels I’ll lose. It will                    
                    be all over. And I’m working a                      
                    matinee today. What do I do, take                    
                    him with me? I’d better get to the                  
                    box office and buy him a ticket so                  
                    I can keep an eye on him.                            
                    I’m sorry. What was that? Is he                      


  1. How fun to get to read some of the script! Awesome and very fun scene! Keep going friend, you're doing GREAT!


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