This morning we had a pancake breakfast at Applebee's to raise money for our trip to Haiti this summer. A big shout out to this friendly neighborhood restaurant who opened their restaurant early and gave the profit to our team. I think we served over 200 people! I'm excited to start filming our adventure.

This afternoon and evening I'm taking some time with Davey and watching some movies on Netflix. I've had a great time the last half hour or so just scrolling through all of the loglines. Some are so badly written they're hilarious, and others actually want to make me watch the film they are describing.
And there are some really old movies out there that bring back memories of good times. What about this one from 1993?

Or this one from 1994?

Or Ransom from 1996?

Or The Color Purple from 1985?

Storytelling. I just can't get enough of it. Even when the story is kind of stupid, I remember it. Haha! Remember 1992's 'Encino Man' with Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore?

Even though I need to catch up on my page count this weekend, it's nice to eat some chinese takeout, cuddle up with a good blanket, listen to the rain outside and watch a good story.
See you tomorrow!


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