'The Dark Night of the Soul'. This is a great writing tool. Many times writers use this at the end of Act Two when all hope seems to be lost. Many times in storytelling this is the moment when the unthinkable, the tragedy, the betrayal, the suffering happens and the protagonist is left all alone. And then, in Act Three, the writer gets to fix it (at least in the stories I like to write) and by the middle to end of Act Three the protagonist has grown, the lost is found, wrong is made right and the celebration begins.

Today I'm sick. I rarely miss work, but today I did. Ugh. Sick.

So I'm sending you on over to my daughter Allie's blog. She probably doesn't know it yet, but she blogged about this very concept this morning. Enjoy.


  1. Wow! Your daughter has wonderful insight...but Sunday is coming...I love that! Those are word I will chew on for awhile.


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