7 pages down, 93 to go!
Yesterday I wrote my opening scene. My first 10 or so pages are the 'set-up'. We are getting to know the main characters and getting ready for the 'catalyst' that will send our protagonist on her adventure. We are meeting Grandpa Pete, the loyal and sharp witted BFF Whitney, the fiercely beautiful nemesis Jasmine, and of course Violet's 'imaginaries' - Samson the flashy cowboy, Sergio the latin lover and Mr. Perfect. So far only Violet can see and interact with the imaginaries, but that's about to change.

Violet dreams of becoming a famous playwright.
Every year the Ashland Shakespeare festival hosts a national contest. The winner of the contest has a chance of their play being featured in the next year's Festival lineup. It's a very prestigious competition, and contestants must go through a rigorous interview and manuscript review process. Everything, including the writer's personal life, is under a microscope to prevent any embarrassment to the Festival.

Violet has many secrets, but the secret that threatens her career the most is the fact that she is a Romance Novelist. Whitney teases her that she is basically writing 'women's porn'. Writing under the alias 'Bianca Bravo', Violet's writing career is really taking off. She writes four novels a year using a creative writing technique she has developed.

Soon, Violet will learn that something crazy is happening.

TODAY I'm heading to Ashland for a workshop about set and costume design for the play "Imaginary Invalid". I'll let you know how it goes! Have a great Saturday!


  1. Great!!! Had to play catch up from yesterday, but you have an excellent start. I really like that you have placed Violet in Ashland. Keep going girl.


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