Wow. Day 20. Will I make my goal of 100 pages in 30 days? I'm sure going to give it my best shot.

Today one of my favorite bloggers wrote how sometimes we 'peg' people, or judge them, based on a little bit of information we may know about them. He uses an example of Joe Rogan (of Fear Factor and UFC fame). It's a good thought. Check it out if you have a minute by clicking here.

But his point was that we are less likely to judge someone if we know their story. And Jesus was a great example of this. He didn't just see a woman getting some water at a well. He didn't just see a short guy up in a tree. He didn't just see a woman caught in adultery. He took the time to learn and know their stories. And he invested in their lives in some way. And I'm pretty sure when Jesus did that for someone, they were never the same.

Not to mention how the enemies of Jesus were constantly trying to trick him into saying something that would get him into trouble. And sometimes, Jesus would answer their annoying questions with stories. I love that.

They say when a writer sits down to create a character, they should know their life story. In other words, I should know where Violet went to school, what her favorite color is, what her greatest fear is. Because if I'm going to make this character believable, if I'm going to make you want to know more about her, I should know her story. And I should create compelling conflict based on where my character needs to grow. For instance, I should identify her fear and make her face it. I should spotlight her weakness and make her stronger. I should pinpoint her loneliness and fill it. Makes you think, huh?


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