Community. (Not theTV show.)

In a story, the community that I've placed Violet in is important. There is the town, of course. And the community within the Shakespeare Festival. A character's environment certainly shapes who they are. But  Violet's most important community is her close friends and family: the people she counts on, grows with, even hurts sometimes. I believe we were all made for community. We are at our best when we are connected to a community of people who push us to grow, hold us accountable, people who hold us up when our strength is gone.

Do you have Community in your life? What if something crazy and unbelievable happened? Would you have someone who would be part of your adventure? What are some qualities you would want those people to have? As I'm writing the character of Violet, I've asked myself these questions.

It even makes me look around at the people in my own life. Intentional community is something I'm working on. What about you? 


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