I came across some great advice from playwright Daniel Heath. This is a quote from an article he wrote, "Writing Downhill'. 
"Clear the stage. Don't slog along for the sake of consistency, because at this stage there is nothing for you to be loyal to. Feed your bad ideas to your good ideas and get on with it.
Our goal here is to get to the end without boring ourselves into stopping. For me, pretty much the only time I'm writing well is when I'm writing easily and having fun. When I'm writing uphill, struggling with a difficult character or scene or theme, I'm usually writing badly, and I usually end up tossing the scene in favor of something I wrote ten times faster, having ten times more fun. If we follow the good parts, then maybe, by the end of this month, we'll have found the beginning of the real story that we should've started all along. A draft can serve no more-noble purpose, even if every character we started out with ends up eaten by bears."

I'm trying to remind myself this week to continue to have fun with this story. To write well, but to not worry so much about boring details. My goal in these 30 days is to finish a manuscript. The end result will not be perfect and will most likely need a ton of rewrites, but I will finish it!  


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