DAY 26?! Holy smokes! I'm running out of time. I have until the end of the day on April 30th to finish my 100 page script. I'm behind, and it seems like the closer I get to my deadline the busier my schedule gets. But no excuses. I will finish this script, and then I will take a nice long break before revising and rewriting. But I'm glad I set this goal for myself. It's been fun to get to know these characters.

I'm right in the thick of building the relationship between Violet and Jackson (Mr. Perfect). Violet begins to realize that Jackson is not perfect. She is learning that she can't have control when it comes to true love. She begins to see that the way she has fantasized about love for so long is actually hurting her chances for a shot at a real relationship. She is coming to grips with the death of her mother, and facing her greatest fears.  Will Sergio and Samson survive in a world that Violet has no control over? Will they continue to live, or will they fade away as Violet steps closer to love?
Jackson's world is turned upside down by Violet. He is a successful writer and director. He has been in relationships with many beautiful and famous women, but none make him feel like he does when he is with Violet. He can be himself when he is with her. He is free to share some of his oldest secrets. He forgets the glamour and the spotlight as he discovers the wandering paths of Ashland that lead to Violet's heart. She is unpredictable and wild, she is beautiful and wounded. Will he risk his reputation to discover what real love means?


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