DAY 3! 11 pages down, 89 to go. If you've missed anything, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on 'older posts'.
We've learned that Violet is a lonely, aspiring playwright. We've also learned that she secretly writes trashy romance novels to pay the rent. Our opening scene showed us that she interacts with her 2 favorite leading characters (I'll call them the Imaginaries), Samson the cowboy and Sergio the latin lover.

We're working up to our catalyst, which will be the Imaginaries coming to life.

But meanwhile we're getting to know Grandpa Pete. Grandpa Pete has been the groundskeeper for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, as well as the park that surrounds it, since before Violet came to live with him when she was 10.

Grandpa Pete was Violet's mother's Dad. More about the character of Violet's mother's tragic story later. But Grandpa Pete is a hard working, no nonsense guy. He spends most of his time in a shack that is hidden behind some trees next to a creek in the park. It is full of his tools and books and has a cot and desk in the back where Violet used to do her homework after school. Grandpa Pete is her rock. He is rarely affectionate, but he loves his granddaughter fiercely. Growing up, the Shakespeare Festival was Violet's playground. She knows many of the people that work there, and has seen behind the scenes in ways that few know about. Grandpa Pete is loved by everyone, although some of the more clueless "stars" pay no attention to the old man in overalls who prunes the bushes. If anything ever happens to Grandpa Pete, Violet's world will fall apart.


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