My goal for my screenplay is to be on page 19 by the end of today. Woohoo!
Right now I'm writing a coffee shop scene in which we get to meet some of Violet's friends.

I need to come up with a name for the coffee shop, but it needs to meet certain criteria. Remember, the name has to have meaning. This is a place where the "magic" happens. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and hit "Older Posts" to read yesterday's blog for the details.
If I use your idea, or if your idea sparks something that leads to the name, I'll use your name for one of the characters in this scene.
Thanks for your help!


  1. I have been trying to come up with ideas and I will keep thinking. The only idea I came up with so far was with the word "awaken", like Awaken Your Sense (I know not that's not too good, but you get the idea) but I was thinking how coffee awakens you and how (although I'm not sure how your story goes) maybe she is awakened to some part of her life that she was unaware of. I couldn't find another word in Greek or Old English for awaken, but in Latin the word "expergo" means awaken, kind of cool sounding word. I will keep thinking.....


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