FINALLY! Our set-up is done and it's time for our CATALYST. Will Violet choose the adventure that is unfolding in front of her?!

(Read earlier posts if you need to get caught up, because otherwise this might be confusing...)

Violet is in her apartment (with Sergio) getting ready for her day (as described earlier) when Samson walks through the front door carrying a cup of coffee. This really freaks her out because the Imaginaries NEVER leave the apartment. He walks towards her.
Samson: Here you go. Just how you like it.
Violet: Wait. Did you come from outside?!
Samson: Yeah. Wild, huh? I've never been allowed outside before.
Violet is stunned and shakes her head.
Violet: Man, I'm losing it.
She takes a sip of the coffee.
Violet: Ow!
Samson: I told them extra hot. Isn't that how you like it?
Violet: But how did you...I mean,  you got me coffee. I don't understand.
Sergio: So you went outside.
Samson: Yup.
Sergio: And bought coffee.
Samson: Yup.
Sergio: In the real world.
Samson: Yup.
Violet: This isn't happening. This isn't happening. It's not real.
Violet picks up her purse and runs out of the apartment with her coffee.
Sergio to Samson: So did you see any women?


  1. If I was Violet, I probably would have stayed with Samson and Sergio, especially Samson since he brought coffee! :) Who (I can't wait to find out!) allows these guys into the real world? Hangin' on!


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